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This pre-workout has a smooth initial boost and didn't hit me like a ton of bricks, but it does last through my entire workout. I get the face tingle from Beta Alanine, which I enjoy, and the flavoring is very easy on the tastebuds. Awesome product, my favorite pre-workout so far!

Ryan S.

You guys have a winner here! Flavor is always the first hurdle to overcome, and Xenith clears it by a mile. It tastes great. That's not to overshadow how effective it was for me. I've never crushed my workouts harder.

Dan R.

Caffeine is easy to come by, so I'm always looking for more in my pre-workout. For me, the mental game is most important, and that's where Xenith delivers. Alpha-GPC is a fantastic ingredient and helps me keep my head in the gym the entire time. Everything else is dosed perfectly for me, and I never feel tired afterwards like I have with some other products.

Michael J.

I've tried C4, Old School Labs, and a few others, but none work (or taste) as good as Xenith. Can't wait to see what products are next.

Jim W.

Not much to say about this pre-workout other than it freakin' WORKS!

Justin Pritchard

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